California Democrats pass automatic voter registration

  • 27 April 2016
  • NormanL
California Democrats pass automatic voter registration

Democrats have been busy adding to the voter rolls. First it was Virginia, giving around 200,000 ex-felons the right to vote, and now it's California, which will begin automatically registering people to vote when they renew their drivers licenses:

In a move lawmakers hope will drive more Californians to the polls, Gov. Jerry Brown approved legislation that automatically registers citizens to vote when they obtain or renew driver's licenses or state identification cards.

The measure, known as the "New Motor Voter Act," was signed into law Saturday. California joins Oregon as the second state in the nation opting to register voters through its department of motor vehicles. Oregon passed its law in March.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, who sponsored the bill said in a statement the law will "make voter registration seamless" and will amount to "the largest voter registration drive in the nation's history."

California's law won't go into effect until January, so it won't change the outcome of the presidential or congressional races this November (though you can bet now that California will support Hillary Clinton).

And yes, folks can opt-out of the automatic registration if they choose to do so. Plus, there's no guarantee that because someone is registered, they will actually show up at the polls.

What we really need aren't more registered voters, but more and better informed voters -- people who know the issues, the candidates, and the consequences of their vote.